Foot Health Tips

-If the shoe is rubbing while you are in the store, then don’t buy it because it will just get worse.

-When we state that you need to break in a pair of shoes, it means the leather will soften to your feet, so it will become adjusted to the way you walk. The heals in your feet should slip at first when you put on a quality pair of shoes because the shoe is stiff still and the foot moves in the gait cycle. Some people are scared of the heel slipping because they don’t want blisters. This is a misconception, when the shoe doesn’t slip on the heel when you first put it on, then it’s too short for your feet. This is the type of shoe that will cause the blister.

-Arch supports are what you put into a shoe that makes the changes we want in our shoe wearing. I have so many who think a shoe can solve their problems, in the case of too tight shoes, or too short of shoes, sure.

-Shoes are not designed to correct a problem; they are designed to help the gait cycle by having stronger material in different areas of the gait cycle. But a shoe is a shoe; a support, on the other hand, can realign the muscles, tendons, and thus the bones of our feet and make instant impact on our activities in turn our overall health.